Work Package 7 - Internal and external dissemination and knowledge transfer



WP7 will act as a communication vehicle to advance and facilitate integration across all the disciplines, sectors and research foci within VECTORS. Its role will be to ensure that all the links between all the areas of interest are explored and elucidated and where feasible can be explained, modelled and effectively communicated to the relevant stakeholders.


It will facilitate dissemination of integrated research-based knowledge, expertise and skills between the project and the users of its results e.g. policy makers, advisory bodies, research managers, conservation and user groups, management bodies, public health, tourism, ocean and offshore energy devices; all at European, regional and national levels.


The objectives of WP7 include:

  • To facilitate and ensure integration within VECTORS across all work packages, sectors of interest, areas of concern and regional seas studies
  • To ensure standardisation of data formats and dissemination of results internally to VECTORS across all work packages and all project participants
  • To develop strategies, frameworks and tools for transferring knowledge acquired during VECTORS externally to user communities
  • To organise a summer school to disseminate interdisciplinary research skills to the next generation
  • To coordinate external user inputs to VECTORS through meetings of a Reference User Group
  • To facilitate external knowledge outreach using web-based tools and printed documents



M1 Kick off meeting (first project meeting) and first meeting of the Reference User Group (month 1)
M5 VECTORS webpage online (month 3)
M9 Guidelines on open earth integration, standardisation and dissemination (month 8)
M11 Repository for storage, back-up and version control of raw data, scripts and source code (month 14)
M12 Second project meeting (month 14)
M26 Third project meeting (month 26)
M32 Fourth project meeting (month 34)
M38 VECTORS Marine Ecosystem Services Summer school (month 42)
M40 Final project meeting (month 46)