Marine Research Findings of the VECTORS Project

This website provides access to the research results of the VECTORS project, which can be used to support marine management decisions, policies and governance as well as future research and investment. VECTORS was a large scale project that brought together more than 200 expert researchers from 16 different countries. It examined the significant changes taking place in European seas, their causes, and the impacts they will have on society.


VECTORS factsheets

The VECTORS factsheet series provides a consise overview of VECTORS science. The first factsheets in the series focused on each of the nine drivers and vectors of change that could be affecting the main areas of concern to VECTORS: outbreaks, invasives, and changes in species distribution and productivity.  Further factsheets were developed on the regional seas case studies.

Drivers and vectors of change

These factsheets are distilled from a full 220 page review of regional seas vectors and drivers.